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HBG partners with Employee Benefits Consultants, General Agencies, Third Party Administrators, Insurance Carriers, Associations, Government Entities and more!

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For starters, the HBG team has an extensive background in Benefits and has a staff that is certified in Health Care Reform thereby giving us an advantage by understanding how benefits and wellness can compliment each other. So many companies will try to start a wellness program with all the right intentions; unfortunately, how the program is designed, implemented and managed may not be compliant with the ACA, HIPPA, GINA, or ADA as well as other important laws. This can result in massive fines or even lawsuits. Doing wellness the right way is the ONLY way. So before your group clients start a wellness program, please contact us. Although we do not replace important legal advice, we do work with your counsel or can refer a firm that is very experienced in wellness regulation.

Client Retention & Attraction

Simply put, HBG makes you the Hero! Over time, your client’s population will continue to produce results that in turn will increase productivity and morale all while helping to reduce health risks. Understanding that with each health risk a person may have, the costs for the employer rise. This is HBG’s main focus. Working with people from an educational and preventative perspective will help reduce health risks over time. When this happens and your client can see improvement month after month, the trust that you have worked so hard to earn is preserved and strengthened that much more. Hence, HBG becomes an extension to your business by offering wellness.


The Health Benefits Group team has nearly 100 years of combined experience in business development and in the healthcare and wellness industries. Our team offers expertise in six sigma lean management, healthcare, human resources, customer service, sales, business development, team building and training—all providing a seamless extension to your organization. We solely focus on wellness. We are not trying to do wellness as “another thing we do”- wellness is our business! Our services, tools, resources, and pricing can beat any other equivalent program’s price in the Arizona Market guaranteed! With our large wellness network, creative and customized Evidence Based Comprehensive Solutions along with our innovative business model, your clients will get the very best!


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- Manuel G. - Dignity Health