Sometimes, employers do not have the staff to fully implement a wellness initiative. HBG feels that it is unfortunate when there are simply not enough people and time to properly design and manage your wellness programs. That is where we come in.

Program Design and Implementation

Using evidence-based scientific and effective methods, we can be the “extra” help your company needs to assess your population, design, and implement your customized wellness program. To ensure effectiveness, HBG will be measuring every step along the way, not just the final outcomes!

Whether your company needs wellness consulting, specific services, or full program design, you can count on the the experience, knowledge and motivating presence that HBG delivers.

One Example of the HBG process:

  1. Develop a Leadership Team that understands the “WHY” wellness is so important
  2. Assess your population – collecting data from:
    1. Aggregate HRA and Biometrics Data
    2. Aggregate Needs and Interest Data (what do your employees want)
    3. Internal and External Environmental Data (your company and what surrounds your company that can help or hinder the success of your program)
    4. Aggregate Medical and Workman’s Compensation Claims
    5. And more, it seems like a lot and it is – don’t worry we do this for you!
  1. Discover the Risk
    1. Letting the Data drive our programing
  2. Goal Setting and Program Planning
    1. Implementing Intervention Strategies that have higher success rates in positive behavior change
  3. Motivate – Motivate – Motivate
    1. We make your wellness plan fun – after all wellness is fun!
    2. Providing tools and resources that keep them coming back for more
  4. Track Progress Along the Way
    1. Measure EVERYTHING – if something is not working the way we want, we can change it and are able to move on a dime rather than not measuring until the end of the program and wondering why something never worked!
  5. Evaluate the Outcomes
    1. Year over year, we evaluate the program. When the process is done correctly, the evaluation piece is easy
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