The HBG BioScreen

HBG offers simple, easy and affordable onsite biometric screenings for employer groups. Many nationwide businesses understand that biometric screenings coupled with a Health Risk Assessment are the two foundational components that are found in any evidenced-based, comprehensive worksite wellness program.

HBG BioScreen

Employers that are engaged in helping their employees understand their own personal health risks can help them greatly reduce and prevent major illnesses and chronic disease diagnosis in the future. When a medical claim is filed, it is already too late. The illness or disease is present. However, creating awareness of the potential health risk and having a better understanding of one’s overall health gives people the ability to do something about it before it is too late. It is estimated that 70% of all health risks are unidentified and are just waiting to happen. The HBG BioScreen approach greatly helps reduce this risk!

HBG is CLIA waived to conduct Onsite Biometric screenings that are fast, efficient, less painful, less intimidating and much less expensive than the antiquated, traditional methods.

HBG will beat any equivalent Onsite Biometric quote in the local Arizona Market, guaranteed!

Typical Tests performed may include but are not limited to:

  • Height and Weight Check
  • Waist Circumference/ Hip to waist ratio
  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) and Body Fat %
  • Cholesterol
    • Measurement of HDL / LDL Cholesterol Levels
    • Triglycerides
    • Cholesterol / HDL Ratio
  • Glucose

Additional Screenings may include but are not limited to:

  • Tobacco Screening – Cotinine
  • Most Common Workplace Drug Screenings
    • Marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and PCP are the most common drugs requested for workplace drug testing
  • Fitness Screenings
    • Aerobic Capacity, METs
    • Body Composition
    • Variety of Strength and Flexibility Tests

HBG BioScreen options may include fasting or non-fasting screenings. If conducting a non-fasting screening, HBG will benchmark the findings against national norms of non-fasting guidelines for accuracy. We offer many options to fit the needs and budget of all our clients!

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"I had the opportunity to work with Jenny for many years. She has shown a passion for helping others achieve their goals over and over. Jenny shows the ability to lead from the front at all levels always..."
- Mark P. Burns BioTE Medical Executive Physician Liaison