DNA Fitness and Nutrition Testing

Every good wellness professional knows that there is no such thing as a 'one size fits all' approach. Our DNA fitness and nutrition test reduces the guesswork in trying to figure out what works. You can now avoid costly trial and error by understanding exactly how DNA affects your personal health and fitness. Armed with this information, it becomes possible to tailor fitness and nutrition plans to suit your individual genetic strengths, therby reaching your goals quicker and easier. Share this with your personal trainer and nutrition professional, and if you don’t already have one to help you, we do!


Here’s what you’ll learn from our Fitness and Nutrition DNA analysis

  • Carbohydrate Sensitivity
  • Saturated Fat Sensitivity
  • Micronutrient Need
  • Ideal Diet Type
  • Lactose Intolerance
  • Coeliac Predisposition
  • Detox Ability
  • Recommended Daily Micronutrient Intake
  • Anti-Oxidant Need
  • Salt, Caffeine & Alcohol Sensitivity
  • Power / Endurance Genetic Makeup
  • Injury Risk Profile
  • And More…

Our analysis reports on specific genes associated with food metabolism and specifically assesses how individual genetic variations affect interaction with components of the diet.

Remote and Onsite Testing

Our swab test is sent immediately via mail or our team will come and collect samples onsite depending on your location.


Swabs are sent securely to our laboratory. All data is strictly confidential and we only test for our panel of key genes associated with fitness and nutrition.


One of our team members will present the findings back to you, or even your fitness and nutrition professional if you like, with full in-depth explanation.

Optional – Ongoing Health Coaching

We offer ongoing coaching on recommended interventions and how to use each person’s genetic data to aid performance, reduce injury rates and get optimal nutritional recommendations. Complete with a two-month sample shopping list and fabulous meals that will compliment your genetic findings!


To order your test fill out a “Contact Us” form with what your needs are, and one of our staff members will contact you to set up an appointment.


"The technician handling my biometric screening was fast, efficient, sensitive, explained each procedure in great detail. She refrained from calling me obese... Great experience, A++++ would screen again..."
- Dignity Health